Long Two Piece Niqab


Our Long Two Piece Niqab is designed longer in length to provide greater coverage.

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Our Long Two Piece Niqab is a modest Khaleeji niqab made of high-quality fine chiffon that is comfortable and breathable. The niqab ties around the back of the head and has two layers: a bottom layer which covers the face and a top layer which can be flipped back over the head or left down to screen the eyes. Both layers are designed longer than our regular Two Piece Niqab for extra chest and back coverage.


Fabric TypeSoft Fine Chiffon
Fabric ContentPolyester
Fabric TextureSoft with a fine, grid-like weave for breathability
Fabric WeightLightweight
Niqab LengthLong - 24" (bottom layer)
Niqab Back ClosureTies
Niqab StyleTwo Layer


Measurement (inches)Measurement (cm)
Band Width2.5"6.5 cm
Eye Opening8.5"21.5 cm
Band Length (including straps)42"107 cm
Niqab Length (bottom layer)24"61 cm
Niqab Width (bottom layer)18"46 cm
Niqab Length (top layer)28"71 cm
Niqab Width (top layer)22"56 cm