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Extra Long Butterfly Niqab


Our Extra Long Butterfly Niqab features a rounded top layer that provides excellent coverage and can be worn in a number of ways.

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Our Extra Long Butterfly Niqab is an elegant, unique Khaleeji niqab made of ultra-soft, premium Korean chiffon that is comfortable and extremely breathable. The niqab is designed with two layers - a bottom layer to cover the face and an extra long. rounded top layer, making it possible to wear the niqab in a number of different ways:

1. With the top layer flipped back. When flipped back, the top layer reaches the knees at the back (depending on your height) and the sides of the top layer cover the back and shoulders giving the appearance of a hijab.

2. With the top layer flipped back halfway and then the hem brought forward over the forehead or eyes. Wearing the niqab in this way creates a wavy effect around the face.

3. With the top layer down over the face which covers the eyes and modestly covers the front of the body.

Please Note: The niqab must be worn with a hijab to properly cover the hair. The niqab is pictured worn on top of our Essential Shayla (sold separately).


Fabric TypePremium Korean Chiffon
Fabric ContentPolyester
Fabric TextureUltra-soft with a fine, grid-like weave for breathability
Fabric WeightLightweight
Niqab LengthLong - 24" (bottom layer)
Niqab Back ClosureTies
Niqab StyleTwo Layer


Measurement (inches)Measurement (cm)
Band Width2.5"6.5 cm
Eye Opening8.5"21.5 cm
Band Length (including straps)42"107 cm
Niqab Length (bottom layer)24"61 cm
Niqab Width (bottom layer)18"46 cm
Niqab Length (top layer)58"147 cm
Niqab Width (top layer)58"147 cm