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Butterfly Hijab


Our Butterfly Hijab is an easy-to-wear design that gives a Khaleeji look without the effort.

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Our Butterfly Hijab is a unique style that gives the appearance a hood and creates ripples around the face for a gorgeous look. The hijab is made of high quality chiffon which is soft, breathable, and falls beautifully.

Our Butterfly Hijab is designed with two sections attached together to make one hijab:

1. Hijab - Includes a face opening and covers the hair in the same way as a one-piece hijab.

2. Screen - Single loose layer of fabric that is flipped over the head like a hood to create ripples at the sides of the face.

The look created by the screen make this hijab a stylish and elegant choice. Since the neck part of this style is slightly transparent the hijab is best worn with a niqab (not included) in which case the screen part of the hijab can also be brought forward to cover the eyes if desired.


Fabric TypeSoft Fine Chiffon
Fabric ContentPolyester
Fabric TextureSoft with a grid-like weave for breathability
Fabric WeightLightweight


Measurement (inches)Measurement (cm)
Length (from top of head)32"81 cm
Face Opening22"56 cm