Adjustable Niqab Flap

Adjustable Niqab Flap

US $6
  • Black
  • Navy Blue
  • Eggplant
  • Dark Grey
  • Desert Rose
  • Sahara
  • White
  • Burgundy
  • Olive
  • Pecan
  • Cement


Our Adjustable Niqab Flap is designed to be worn with any niqab to partially or completely cover the eyes without affecting your breathability.  The niqab flap can work with one layer niqabs or multiple layered niqabs and can be positioned as high or low over your eyes as desired, perfect for wearing if you are wearing eye makeup and want to screen your eyes.  Since it only covers the eyes the niqab flap doesn't add any extra layers over the mouth and nose leading to better breathability.

The Adjustable Niqab Flap is made with two layers of chiffon so it is completely opaque and is designed with an adjustable elastic and velcro back to fit a range of head sizes. It can be paired with our coordinating coloured niqabs and hijabs to create a matching set or mixed with other colours to create different looks.

Niqab Flap Measurements: 3.25" high x 16" long (8.25cm x 40.5cm)

Style Notes

Our Adjustable Niqab Flap is pictured in our images worn with our One Layer Niqab and Essentials Shayla (sold separately).

Sunnah Style Adjustable Niqab Flap White
Sunnah Style Adjustable Niqab Flap Navy Blue
Sunnah Style Adjustable Niqab Flap Burgundy
Sunnah Style Adjustable Niqab Flap Black
Fabric Type
Premium Chiffon
Fabric Texture
Soft with a grid-like weave for breathability
Fabric Weight
Fabric Content

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