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Our Full Length Essentials Khimar is made of flowing fabric and is generous in sizing to modestly cover the body.

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Our Full Length Essentials Khimar is designed to be full length at the back (depending on your height) and fall past the hips in the front, modestly covering the body.  It has plenty of room in its width to accomodate all body sizes and making it comfortable to wear.  The khimar is traditionally worn on the head as a hijab with an underscarf underneath but may also be worn as a cape (on the shoulders) with a separate hijab on top.

The khimar is made of quality Maliki crepe which has slight ridges in the fabric grain that make the garment breathable. The fabric is medium weight and non-transparent making it suitable for all seasons and not so light that it will easily blow around in the wind.

The Full Length model measures 66" from the top of the head down and will reach the ankles (at the back) on a sister who is 5'6" (approx. 168cm) tall.

Please Note: The khimar in our images is worn with our Bandana Underscarf (sold separately).


Fabric TypeMalaki Crepe
Fabric ContentPolyester
Fabric TextureHigh quality crepe with slight ridges in the fabric grain
Fabric WeightMedium Weight
Front Length33.5" (85 cm)
Back Length66" (168 cm)


Measurement (inches)Measurement (cm)
Front Length (from under chin to bottom hem)33.5"85 cm
Back Length (from top of head to bottom hem)66"168 cm
Face Opening22"56 cm