Jersey Khimar - Thigh Length

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Our Jersey Khimar is elegantly designed and made from stretch jersey to merge comfort and class.

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Our Jersey Khimar is designed with a ruffled edge and a modest, elegant cut that drapes beautifully.  The drape and style of the khimar make it versatile so that it can be worn everyday, for special occasions, or for prayer at home.

The face opening of the khimar is a flexible slit, making it fit comfortably on all face and head sizes.  The khimar has a built-in headband which covers the hair and removes the need of wearing an underscarf.  It also includes an interior elastic which goes behind the back of the head and prevents the khimar from shifting around.  The bottom of the face opening can be comfortably positioned under the chin, on the chin, or even over the face (as a temporary niqab) depending how much coverage you like.

The khimar is made from a quality stretch jersey knit making it comfortable and practical.  The fabric is medium weight allowing it to fall well without clinging to the body, and it has enough weight that it will not easily blow up in the wind.

The Thigh Length model will reach the lower thigh or knee at the back while the front of the khimar falls to the upper thigh (depending on your height).

Style Notes: The model in our images is 5'3" tall (160cm) and is wearing our Jersey Khimar over our Essential Closed Abaya (sold separately).


Fabric TypeStretch Jersey Knit
Fabric ContentPolyester
Fabric TextureSoft and stretchy
Fabric WeightMedium Weight
Recommended ForEveryday Wear, Special Occasions
Front Length31" (79cm)
Back Length50" (127cm)


Measurement (inches)Measurement (cm)
Front Length (from under chin to bottom hem)31"79 cm
Back Length (from top of head to bottom hem)50"127 cm