3-Layer Yemeni Khimar (Pecan)
3-Layer Yemeni Khimar (Pecan)
3-Layer Yemeni Khimar (Pecan)
3-Layer Yemeni Khimar (Pecan)

3-Layer Yemeni Khimar (Pecan)

US $46
  • Pecan


Our 3-Layer Yemeni Khimar is designed with three layers of soft, high quality chiffon that flow and fall beautifully. The design of the khimar and lightweight chiffon make it airy and great for warm weather. 

The bottom layer is approximately knee length in the back, while the middle and top layers are shorter. All three layers are hip length in the front for great coverage. The beauty of the design of the Yemeni Khimar is that the shorter top layer can be flipped forward to cover the face, making it suitable for those who wish to cover their face while performing hajj or umrah. 

Our 3-Layer Yemeni Khimar features ties at the back of the head to hold it in place. It also has a front zipper making it easy to wear and convenient for nursing mothers. The edges of the khimar have a simple finish making it easy to pair with any other garment.

Style Notes

  • The model in our images is 5'5" tall (165cm) and is wearing the 3-Layer Yemeni Khimar over our Flare Abaya (sold separately)
  • The neck opening of this model is designed quite large, as Yemeni khimars traditionally are. We recommend that this style be worn with a niqab or complete underscarf. The khimar is pictured worn with our Complete Underscarf (sold separately).
  • The zipper pull may differ slightly from pictured.
Fabric Type
Premium Korean Chiffon
Fabric Texture
Ultra soft with a grid-like weave for breathability
Fabric Weight
Recommended For
Everyday Wear
Special Occasions
Warm Weather
Sapphire Collection
Front Length (from top of zipper to bottom front) 26 in / 66cm
Back Length (from top of head to bottom back) 54 in / 137cm
Face Opening 30 in / 76cm

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