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Our Signature Jilbab is our twist on the French jilbab style and provides superb coverage while including practical features for everyday wear.

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Our Signature Jilbab (formerly known as our Essentials Jilbab) is our twist on the one piece French jilbab style, offering modest coverage while including the practical features that highlight our Essentials line. The jilbab is designed with an integrated stretch headband, allowing the face opening to fit comfortably around your face and making it unnecessary to wear a hijab or underscarf with it. The sleeves from the elbow to the wrist are also made from stretch jersey and there are thumb loops at the end of the sleeve to prevent your arms from being exposed. We've also included zippered side pockets for conveniently storing your phone, keys or anything else you need as you go about your day.

Our Signature Jilbab is made of high quality Bahraini Internet Crepe which has a slightly silky texture allowing it to fall and flow beautifully. The fabric is smooth, comfortable, breathable and suitable for all seasons. The simplicity and practicality of the design makes it ideal for wearing everyday, when praying, and just about anywhere.

This style is worn on the head (as opposed to on the shoulders), allowing the fabric to fall away from the body for superior coverage. The jilbab does not have ties to affix it behind the head and instead stays in place by slipping your face through the face opening (similar to a khimar).

Style Notes: The model in our images is 5'2" tall (158cm) and is wearing a size 64 in our Signature Jilbab.  Our Signature Jilbab is pictured as shown - there is no additional underscarf, hijab, or niqab worn with it in our images.


StyleOverhead / Jilbab
ClosureCompletely closed front
Sleeve StyleStretchy jersey sleeve from elbow to wrist with finger loops
PocketsZippered side pockets
Fabric TypeBahraini Crepe
Fabric ContentPolyester
Fabric TextureSmooth high-quality crepe with a slightly silky texture
Fabric WeightLight to Medium
Recommended ForEveryday Wear, Special Occasions


Actual Jilbab Measurements (inches)

Sleeve (from side of head to wrist)38"38.5"39"39.5"40"40.5"41"41.5"
Front Length (from under chin to bottom hem)51"53"55"57"59"61"63"65"
Back Length (from top of head to bottom hem)60"62"64"66"68"70"72"74"

Actual Jilbab Measurements (cm)

Bust/Width183 cm188 cm193 cm198 cm203 cm208 cm213 cm218 cm
Sleeve (from side of head to wrist)96 cm98 cm99 cm100 cm101.5 cm103 cm104 cm105.5 cm
Front Length (from under chin to bottom hem)130 cm135 cm140 cm145 cm150 cm155 cm160 cm165 cm
Back Length (from top of head to bottom hem)152 cm157 cm162 cm167 cm172 cm177 cm182 cm187 cm