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Butterfly Niqab
Butterfly Niqab
Butterfly Niqab
Butterfly Niqab
Butterfly Niqab
Butterfly Niqab

Butterfly Niqab

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  • Black
  • Creamy Peach
  • Moss


Our Butterfly Niqab is an elegant niqab style made from soft, quality chiffon and tailored with exceptional workmanship and attention to detail. It is designed with two layers: a rounded bottom layer that covers the face and a long rounded top layer that can be worn in different ways:

  • With the top layer flipped back. When flipped back, the top layer reaches the lower back (depending on your height) and the sides of the top layer cover the back and shoulders giving the appearance of a hijab.
  • With the top layer flipped back halfway and then the satin-trimmed edge brought forward over the forehead or eyes. Wearing the niqab in this way creates a wavy effect around the face.
  • With the top layer down over the face which covers the eyes and modestly covers the front of the body.

Please see our premium chiffon model (tagged below) for black and other colours!

Style Notes

  • Our Butterfly Niqab is pictured worn over our Essentials Shayla (sold separately).
  • The niqab must be worn with a separate hijab or our Complete Underscarf to properly cover the hair.
  • For more coverage please see our Extra Long Butterfly Niqab
  • Add a flap to any of our niqabs with our Adjustable Niqab Flap
Sunnah Style Butterfly Niqab Creamy Peach
Sunnah Style Butterfly Niqab White
Fabric Type
Fabric Texture
Soft with a grid-like weave for breathability
Fabric Weight
Fabric Content
Niqab Length
Niqab Style
Two Layer
Length - Bottom Layer (from under eye opening to bottom hem) 20 in / 51cm
Width - Bottom Layer 18 in / 46cm
Length - Top Layer (from top of headband to bottomhem) 40 in / 102cm
Width - Top Layer 40 in / 102cm
Eye Opening 8.5 in / 22cm

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