Our Styles from Beginning to End

It's becoming common for companies to purchase poorly made generic products, slap their tags on them, and resell them at a markup. We control the design, product development, and manufacturing of all of our garments from beginning to end and do not resell any premade products. Our quality control is done in house and is taken very seriously.

We Don't Use Cheap Fabrics

Our fabrics are sourced from respected mills around the world and we maintain the quality of our fabrics to bring you consistently high quality clothing. Our fabrics are durable to stand up to washing and wear and last you much longer than a poorly made garment.

Made by Muslims

Our focus is to support Muslim owned businesses worldwide whenever possible. We employ truly skilled tailors in the industry with fair pay, fair working conditions, and fair trade in mind.

Fair Pricing

Since launching in 2007 we have always aimed to price our garments fairly. Many businesses use high markups combined with running constant sales as a strategy to generate impulsive purchases. We don't believe this is fair so our garments are priced fairly to begin with considering our higher cost of production so that we only make a modest profit. We run occasional sales that are actual sales off the regular price and are only at a modest discount.

You Get What You Pay For

Producing quality garments comes at a cost and as the saying goes - you get what you pay for. The high quality fabrics and materials, high workmanship, and higher cost of labour from employing Muslims all contribute to higher manufacturing costs but we believe it is worth producing at a slightly higher cost to provide you with garments that you will love and will last. Buying cheaply made items that quickly wear out and need replacing regularly goes against our understanding of fairness.


Our in house customer service team is trained to provide prompt, courteous and complete customer service with attention to all your needs. It is important to us that you are completely satisfied and we will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.


Our designs are influenced by the needs of our community (you). We have thrived because of your support and feedback and are always open to feedback on how we can further improve.

Social Obligation

We believe Islamic clothing companies have a responsibility in how they portray modest clothing. By bending our values to follow changing trends we can negatively influence the Ummah. This is especially important for our younger generations. It is crucial that companies depict true hijab and modesty always. We try our best to implement this while still portraying our garments as clearly as possible.

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