Colour Guide

Our Product Images

We do our very best to portray the colours of our garments accurately in our product images.  All of our product images are taken in natural lighting which provides the most accurate colour representation.  However, depending on your monitor settings the colour of your garments may look slightly different in person compared to on your screen.  Some types of indoor lighting such as tungsten/incandescent bulbs and fluorescent bulbs can also affect the way the fabric colour appears, so we always recommend looking at your garments in natural daylight to view their true colours.

Colour Variation Between Fabrics

In some cases, different fabrics of the same colour may appear to be slightly different shades due to different weights and textures of the fabrics.

Our colour guide shows the various fabrics and colours we carry side by side so you can view our colours and fabrics in detail.  The fabric of all of our garments is listed as 'Fabric Type' under the 'Details' tab on the product page.

Screen Differences

Depending on the settings and resolution of your monitor or device, some colours may be displayed differently compared to our original images.  The colours may appear over or under saturated, lighter or darker, or a slightly different shade.  We recommend viewing our images on a few different screens (monitor, laptop, tablet, smartphone) to get a good idea of our colours.


Maliki Crepe (Eggplant)Fine Chiffon (Eggplant)
Maliki Crepe (Espresso)Fine Chiffon (Espresso)
Maliki Crepe (Dark Grey)Fine Chiffon (Dark Grey)
Maliki Crepe (Navy Blue)Fine Chiffon (Navy Blue)
Maliki Crepe (Evergreen)Fine Chiffon (Evergreen)
Maliki Crepe (Steel Blue)Fine Chiffon (Steel Blue)
Maliki Crepe (Lilac)Fine Chiffon (Lilac)
Maliki Crepe (Desert Rose)Fine Chiffon (Desert Rose)
Maliki Crepe (Sandy)Fine Chiffon (Sahara)


All of the black fabrics we use are a true jet black and all compliment eachother perfectly.  Our black product images have been lightened slightly to show the detail of the garment, but the fabric colour is true jet black.  Our Bahraini Internet Crepe is also jet black but appears slightly lighter due to the properties of the fabric.

Maliki Crepe (Black)Bahraini Internet Crepe (Black)
Premium Korean Chiffon (Black)Fine Chiffon (Black)