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Products Purchased: Essential Full Zip Abaya, Niqabs, Hijabs, Khimars

I have placed three orders with Sunnah Style in recent months and in each case have been extremely satisfied with the speed of delivery (two of the three orders actually arrived ahead of schedule) and with the quality of the garments. I am particularly happy with your abaya options. Many Islamic clothing stores only offer a single length for abayas and jilbabs, which is often many inches too long for shorter women (I'm 5'1"). Sunnah Style is one of the few Islamic clothing stores I've found that offers abayas that will actually fit me. May Allah reward your efforts. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future, inshallah.
October 13, 2014Laura, United States

Products Purchased: Niqabs, Hip Length Khimar

I bought my first two niqabs on this sight and mashAllah they were beautiful. Loads of sisters told me about sunnah style and how great it is. SubhanAllah they were totally right. I bought my khimar from here too and love it to bits. I just purchased another niqab and that should be arriving shortly. Overall this site is perfect for us niqabis and hijabis of all sizes and ages. May Allah SWA bless this site. I will be recommending it to every sister who says " mashAllah I love your niqab and khimar where did you get it from ?":D JazAkumllah sunnah style.
October 7, 2014Devot, United States

Products Purchased: Plain Bisht Value Abaya

I recently bought the value bisht abaya from sunnah style Alhamdulillah I love it! The material is very soft and light weight so its good for either summer or winter and it beautifully blows in the wind.This abaya ensures ur fully covered at all times because some times straight cut abayas can be a little figure showing. Plus this abaya is a very affordable price that I've never seen elsewhere for this style. I wear this abaya all the time now and I will be purchasing the same abaya again.
October 9, 2014Aishat, United Kingdom

Products Purchased: Essential Closed Abaya, One Piece Niqab

I recently purchased the Essential Closed Abaya with the zipper and two side pockets. This abaya is one of my favorites of all the abayas I own. The zipper is convenient for me when I want to breastfeed my baby and the side pockets are useful for putting my phone or anything that I need to keep while on the go. This abaya is definitely a must have for a mom or anyone. Another item that I purchased is the one piece niqab. It is very easy to wear and it goes with any abaya or hijab. Would definitely recommend shopping from SunnahStyle for modest clothing.
September 3, 2014Mariam, United States

Products Purchased: Square Hijabs, Shayla

Before my order with SunnahStyle, I would never order islamic clothing on-line. I was always nervous of fit, material type and color. I prefer to stay with the brick and mortar stores for my clothing, for the above reasons I stated. I was pleasantly sursprised(actually elated)when I received my khimars(I ordered the square khimars and a shayla). I absolutely loved the size of the square khimar. The material of the so, soft and flowing and the colors were beyond what I expected(nice and sutle, as I don"t like bring colors). I don't usually take the time to write a testimony, but I was so happy with my purchase, I felt I had write. Please try them out, I doubt you will be disappointed. Shukran
August 26, 2014Vicki, United States

Products Purchased: Essential square hijab and one piece widows peak niqab

Assalaam alaikum Sunnah style. I recently ordered the square hijab and widows peak niqab and I absolutely love them. The material is super soft and most importantly breathe able. It was my first time wearing niqab using your products and I enjoyed it. The shipping was super fast inshallah I'll definitely order from you again!
August 25, 2014Rosaline, USA

Products Purchased: Snap-Front Value Abaya, Satin Trimmed Crossover Abaya

Assalamu Alaykum, I don't write reviews very often, but I feel this one is needed. I have been ordering from Sunnah Style for the last 4 years. I usually hate to order out of the US but for the quality and service I recieve from Sunnah Style it is worth it. Shipping is always so fast. The abayas I order from here last for years which is very important to me. The quality is amazing. Jazakallu kharyn
July 15, 2014Halimah, USA

Products Purchased: Simplicity Umbrella Abaya

Sunnah Style.... Maasha Allah, I can't even express in words my appreciation and gratitude. I was please with the ease of the site. I even contacted customer service to get further help with shipping. They responed back like so soon and shipped it out to me the same day I ordered it. I am overly pleased. I loved the abaya. Size is true to fit. Nice flowy material. I would recommend to my sisters this site without a doubt. Thanks so much for the excellent customer service and the lovely abaya. May Allah give you all good in this life and in the next and give yall continuous success in yalls business, Ameen. And I look forward to purchasing more items soon Inshaa Allah
July 21, 2014Umm Maryam, USA

Products Purchased: Pull-Down One Piece Niqab

Very happy with the pull down one piece niqab. Light and breathable and very practical. I prefer it more than the one no pinch niqab but the no pinch niqab is excellent when I'm going out and not expecting to have the privacy to lift it up. Great visibility for driving too!
May 25, 2014Zainab, Australia

Products Purchased: Niqabs

Aslaamu alaykum wa rahmatulla ..
Alhamdulilah for this company which aids us Muslim from all around the world, to obey the commandment of Allah and cover are awrah in the best way.
I have ordered around four niqabi off of this amazing site, top notch quality compared to most. I have thanks to this superb site, the butterfly style niqab which also acts as a shade from the sun, narrow no pinch, pull down niqab for wen I'm going masjid or Islamic events mainly. Lastly just a simple half tie back niqab.
I have to say jazakallahu khair, very much appreciated site, will most likely order more niqabs etc and definitely recommend it
exspecially for niqabi sisters. top site for top quality.
May 16, 2014Aaliah, United Kingdom

Products Purchased: Essential Square Hijab, Niqab

As'salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh, In shaa Allah ta'aala akhawaati are firm upon eeman and in the best of health. Ameen. Ma shaa Allah I am very pleased AGAIN with my purchase from Sunnah Style. I just received another square khimar and a niqaab and I am so in love with this material. This is the best material I have ever felt Alhumdulillah! And as always, quality customer service to match the quality product. In shaa Allah ta'aala on to the abayas next! May Allah jalla jalalahu grant you tawfeeq and keep us all firmly upon the correct path. Yaa Raabi. Allahumma Ameen. Barakallahu Feekum
April 21, 2014Aaqila, USA

Products Purchased: No-Pinch Two Piece Niqab (Steel Blue, Eggplant)

Assalamu aleikum! I purchased two of the no-pinch two piece niqabs, and they are marvellous! The fabric is very good quality, very easy to breathe through, the sewing is also excellent quality, the size is just right, the eye-slit is perfect also with glasses. The colours eggplant and steel blue are beautiful. The best niqabs I have ever seen! Will order other colours too! Ma sha Allah!
April 2, 2014Anna, France

Products Purchased: Narrow No-Pinch One Piece Niqab

Assalamu Alaykum,
I have recently purchased Sunnah Style's narrow no pinch niqab (black). I think this product is perfect for me.
It's just like what it says on the product info page, having slanted corners in the niqab make it oober comfortable. I don't need to keep constantly pulling my niqab down or get irritated that it's pinching my eyes.
I honestly think if other sisters knew about this product they would buy it; after wearing this niqab type and getting used to it I dont understand how and why any niqabi is wearing the normal niqabs.
Plus, the eye slit is still narrow so the same amount of the eye area is shown as in the normal niqabs. It also has nice long ties at the back.
I am finding that, I am constantly having to refer back to the quality and beautiful products Sunnah Style have. This is in particular with all of their hijab types and niqabs.
I have also received many compliments whilst wearing their products. People always ask me ""where did you buy that from".
April 9, 2014Aisha, United Kingdom

Products Purchased: Plain Closed Value Abaya

Assalamu alaikun. I love this Abaya. The fabric is very elegant. I see many sisters covered properly but the material used has a dull appearance. I love the sunnah style fabrics because they look and feel feminine and have a crisp, clean appearance. I have also purchased the hip length khimar and satin trimmed niqaab. Masha Allah, i get conpliments often and more importantly the comfort of that niqaab...Allahu akbat. I want another one. Light materials, breathable, flowy...abaya niqaab khinar, i am pleased with all of them. Jazakillahu khairaa
June 29, 2014Aminah, USA

Products Purchased: Essential Bisht Abaya (Black)

I LOVE my Essential Bisht Abaya, it covers everything!!!!! I'm a little hippy so I have a hard time finding garments that really cover me, this abaya is perfect I also purchased an extra wide satin shayla and a few niqabs that I would like to transition into (In shaa Allah). Overall my experience was great, the customer service was awesome ( Maa Shaa Allah) and Im pleased with my purchase. I will be ordering and referring my companions ( In shaa Allah).
April 8, 2014B. Haqq, USA

Products Purchased: Tie Back Knee Length Khimar, Elastic Half Niqab

Assalaamu alaykum,
I purchased from your website after a sister bought a large shayla & matching niqab for me, I was so impressed with the quality I couldn't resist visiting your website to see what else was available.
The tie back khimar & black elastic half niqab are so comfortable & made from lovely material.
I will be a returning customer inshaaAllah & already recommend you to other sisters.
May Allah reward you with good & continue to allow your business to blossom.
March 29, 2014Laila, United Kingdom

Products Purchased: Essential Closed Abaya, Knee Length Khimar, Bandana Underscarf

Asalaamu alaikum warahmatullah
Fantastic business here. My order arrived in the early time stated and was nicely packaged.
I've worn the abaya a few times now and it keeps me very cool in the heat Alhamdulillah. I accidentally spilled some water on it and the water beaded up on the material and it didn't really get wet, just a little damp. I love the fit. When I pulled it out of the package I was a little concerned at first, but when I put it on I could see the sisters with Sunnahstyle know what they're talking about.
The khimar I love. Simple and straight to the point, and so large with excellent coverage. I'm 5'4"" and the knee length khimar reaches the calf for those of you wondering.
I love the material and the feel of both of these items. They are a medium weight as described and are like a free fabric, meaning they aren't stiff at all. They have a flow about them.
The bandana is soft and for those of you concerned about the type of material you put on your hair, no worries with this one inshaAllah.
A suggestion tho, I personally would like to see a maroon type color or something similar if possible.
I've ordered from Sunnahstyle before and inshaAllah will definitely be coming back for more.
Asalaamu alaikum warahmatullah
March 28, 2014Aisha, USA

Products Purchased: Abayas, Khimars, Niqabs

As salaamu 'Alaykum
This is by far the best place to buy all your needs for Umrah and Hajj.
They are very helpful in every way possible.
I shopped at other online stores and found the experience and quality not to my expectations.
The dresses fit perfectly as I am very slim and all the khimars and niqhabs are gorgeous.
Thank you Sunna Style my only ONLINE STORE.
February 27, 2014Sara, Canada

Products Purchased: Niqaabs

Salam alaykum
I purchased several niqaabs for myself and my sisters
We were very happy with the quality of the fabric
I was extremely satisfied with the level of customer service provided to Australia. Prompt reply and quick postage. Items arrived within days of purchase. The card with duaa for wearing new garments is a beautiful touch.
May Allah bless this business and reward you for your help
Jazakum Allah khairan
February 14, 2014Hebah, Australia

Products Purchased: Two Piece Niqab (Dark Grey)

Assalaamu alaikum. I am a new Niqabi and know very few others. I found this website on a google search and was a bit nervous purchasing items online due to me never hearing of this company. SubhanAllah I am so happy I choose to order from you. I really like the light fabric and it is so cling free! I layer clothes and am so happy to find light weight but not transparent over garments and niqab that are breathe friendly! I will surely encourage others to purchase from you! Best of all I love the du'a card that was sent! How beautiful! May Allah swt bless you all and encourage others so revive the Sunnah!
January 21, 2014Fawntae, USA

Products Purchased: Hooded Wrap Hijab, Khimars, Extra Long Diamond Niqab

Asalaam Alikum
This is my 4th orders from this website. I have ordered these items;
1. Hooded Wrap Hijab
2. Tie-Back Knee Length Khimar
3. Extra Long Diamond Niqab
4. 3-Layer Yemeni Khimar
The designs are simple and modest, excellent finishing and coverage. Beautiful soft materials. Fast shipping and great services.
November 25, 2013Amaly, Malaysia