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Sunnah Style - Esteem Wearable Hijab Magnets (Clay)

Esteem Wearable Hijab Magnets (Clay) - 2 Pack



Our Esteem Wearable Magnets are hijab magnets but they are also so much more!  Use them as a replacement anywhere you usually use safety pins or stick pins - they are super strong and can hold through multiple layers of fabric.  Our magnets are safe to use on even the most delicate fabrics including our chiffon hijabs and niqabs and since they will not snag the fabric or create holes your garments will last even longer. They are also a safer option for young girls who are just starting to wear hijab and may get poked by pins.  Our Esteem Wearable Magnets come as a set of two pairs (4 magnets total) and include a velvet storage bag.

A few of the ways they can be used:

  • Pin your hijab under your chin instead of using a safety pin which snags and pulls the fabric
  • Secure the wrapped part of your hijab wherever you usually use pins
  • Secure the top layer(s) of your niqab to keep it in place
  • Keep your cardigan together
  • When wearing a top or dress with a low neckline (at home or with friends/family), use them to pin the neck together for better coverage


  • Harmful if swallowed - please keep out of reach of small children.
  • Our Esteem Wearable Magnets are very strong.  If used on delicate fabrics the fabric should not be pulled on to adjust the magnet position since this may stretch the fabric.  Separate the magnet to adjust the position.
Sunnah Style Esteem Wearable Hijab Magnets Clay
Sunnah Style Esteem Wearable Hijab Magnets Clay
Sunnah Style Esteem Wearable Hijab Magnets Coral
Sunnah Style Esteem Wearable Hijab Magnets Matte Black

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