Sale! Essential Shayla - Extra Large (Black)

Essential Shayla - Extra Large



Our Essential Shayla is the perfect everyday shayla for pairing with any abaya or outfit.

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Our Essential Shayla is a simple wrap-style hijab made of soft, high-quality chiffon. The shayla makes the perfect everyday hijab since it is lightweight and breathable while being non-transparent when wrapped. It does not have any trim or embroidery, allowing it to be easily paired with any abaya or outfit.

The Extra Large shayla size measures 44" x 80" and provides more coverage in the length and width compared to our standard size. For tall sisters or for even more coverage please see our Long Extra Large model.

Hijaab Measurements: 44" x 80" (110cm x 205cm)

Fabric TypeSoft Fine Chiffon
Fabric TextureSoft with a grid-like weave for breathability
Fabric WeightLightweight
Hijab Size44" x 80" (110cm x 205cm)