Esteem Gloves - Wrist Length Expand

Esteem Gloves - Wrist Length



Our Esteem Gloves are designed for full functionality so you don't have to make any compromises when you cover your hands.  The Wrist Length gloves measure 25 cm long (approx. 10 inches) and will cover just past the wrist.

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USD $24.99

Esteem Gloves
Touchscreen Compatible


Full conductivity on all five fingertips, allowing you to operate your touchscreen devices without taking off your gloves.

Anti-Slip Grip


High quality, lightweight grip on all five fingers and the palm prevents slips - no more dropping your phone due to slippery gloves (or palms), struggling to open grocery store bags, or compromising the safety of your steering wheel when driving.

Compression Fitted


Made from high quality copper compression material that provides comfort and durability while retaining its shape. Copper compression improves circulation, supports muscles and joints and wicks moisture. The fabric also resists pilling and snags.

Slide-less Design


Internal silicone gel band designed to keep your gloves up and prevent them from sliding down your arms

Secure clips


Locking clips keep your gloves together when you're not wearing them

Esteem Gloves

Esteem Gloves Sizing


Our Esteem Gloves are designed to fit most hand sizes since the copper compression fabric has excellent stretch.

To ensure your Esteem Gloves will fit comfortably, measure completely around your hand at the widest point (right above the base of your thumb).  This measurement (in inches) is your glove size. 

Our Esteem Gloves are sized to fit women's glove sizes of 6-1/2 to 8, so it will fit best if your hand measures 6.5 to 8 inches around (16.5cm - 20.5cm).


Our Esteem Gloves are designed to be lightweight covering gloves made with high quality compression materials.  They include functional features that allow you to perform everyday tasks like driving and using your touchscreen devices with your gloves on.

Our Esteem Gloves are not designed for rough or abrasive tasks.  To prolong the life of your Esteem Gloves they should be removed before performing any rough or abrasive tasks.

To clean your gloves, hand wash in cold water with a minimal amount of mild detergent and lay flat to dry completely.  Do not tumble dry.